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I’m watching Skyfall for the third time ever, slowly and lovingly this time because at last I have my very own copy, and it dawns on me that at least thirty percent of what I love about Judi Dench’s screentime (actually this is true of a lot of her work, but it’s especially striking in such a mainstream/major film, where it breaks trend) has to do with the fact that no attempt at all is made to cover up or gloss over her age or to make her look younger than her years. She’s just embraced, wrinkles and all, as an absolutely delicious person who ought to be filmed exactly as she is in all her lovely imperfect perfection. I was reading a review somewhere a while back (I’ve forgotten now where it was) that said how Sam Mendes’ camera seems to “hover in awe” over every line in her face, and it’s so true – she gets so many lingering close-ups, and they’re lit in a way that lets the viewer admire every detail.

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  18. inlovewithyourlines said: This is exactly why I love Skyfall so very much! I watch it at least once a week.
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